One of the things that brings me consistent happiness is fitness and healthy eating.

Let me get this out of the way quickly. I have a disgusting obsession with Taco Bell. It will always and forever be my weakness. This is entirely to blame on my husband. Without him, I would have never tried the glorious Crunchwrap Supreme.

Moving on…

I appreciate many different types of exercise, which totally fits into my “change is growth” model. I will go through phases where I am heavily into weight lifting, then after a few months hot yoga will take its place. I can jump into a cycling binge and then not take another cycling class for months. I also love to do physical activities that bring me outside. My husband and I love to kayak, camp, boat, run and hike. Fitness will always be a part of my happiness, but I can’t alway promise what form the exercise will take.

If you are like me, welcome!

When it comes to diet, I am currently going through a journey of self educating myself on what is best for me and my little family. Right now I am following a Keto diet. I will be sharing what I learn along the way!

I am by no means a health and fitness expert, but it brings me happiness! I would love to hear about your personal health journey too.